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My Books

Redlined, A Novel of Boston

The year is 1974. Boston's Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood under siege, skating along the razor's edge of decline. The banks have REDLINED the central neighborhood, causing the housing market to crash, wiping out local homeowners' lifetime investments, opening up the neighborhood to blockbusters and slumlords.

     Now, someone is systematically torching abandoned buildings and the charred body of Sandy Morgan, a dedicated young neighborhood organizer, has been found among the ashes. Why? Who stands to gain?

     Community organizer and Marine combat veteran, Jedidiah Flynt and Alex Jordan, his beautiful Harvard educated researcher are determined to stop the redlining and and bring the arsonists responsible for Sandy Morgan's death to justice. Their search will lead them through a labyrinth of corrupt politicians, Asian gangsters, and bent churchmen.

Secrets Of The Gem Trade, The Connoisseur's Guide To Precious Gemstones

Called "One of the world's foremost gemstone connoisseurs," by Gemkey Magazine, Mr. Wise's first book, SECRETS OF THE GEM TRADE, THE CONNOISSEUR'S GUIDE...published in 2003, became both a commercial and critical success and is now considered a classic. The second edition, extensively revised and rewritten with 127 more pages, 11 new chapters and 161 added photographs appeared in 2016.

Secrets Of The Gem Trade, The Connoisseur's Guide To Precious Gemstones

The French Blue

Forty years and sixty thousand leagues! The French Blue tells the true to life story of Jean Baptiste Tavernier a 17th Century gem merchant.


Between the years 1630 & 1668 Tavernier made six voyages to the Empire of Persia and to India, the land of the Great Mogul. His real adventures make a mockery of the ink and paper exploits of fictional hero's.


Travel with Jean Baptiste by caravan through jungles and across desert wastes and by ship through raging battles and across storm tossed seas. Be with him when he meets his great love, Madeleine de Goisse, the beautiful bastard daughter of a French courtesan and the Persian king. Follow him as his lifelong dream leads him to the fabulous 116 carat Great Blue diamond. He lusts for it, but to claim and hold it he must battle bandits and religious zealots and outwit a greedy Mogul prince. 


The Great Blue Diamond! Today, housed in the Smithsonian, the remains of this fabulous gem is known as the Hope Diamond, but for the first 250 years of its history it was known simply as the French Blue. Come along as the tale of Madeleine, Jean Baptiste and the back story of the world's most fabulous gem explodes across three continents.