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Welcome to my website!

"I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume..."
---Walt Whitman

    My name is Richard Wise.  I've authored three books, four if you include the second edition of my Secrets Of The Gem Trade. I write about what interests me and I have many interests. Hemingway advised young authors to, "write what you know," and although I'm not young, I do that, sort of.  

     My first book is about something I know a bit about, gemstones.  In my second, The French Blue, I again write about the gemtrade, but in the form of a historical novel which traces the adventures of a 17th century French gem dealer and tells the mostly true backstory of the Hope Diamond.  

     My latest, Redlined, is a Mystery/Thriller with a literary twist.  It is set in the activist 1970s and tells the mostly true story of a comunity organizer, working in the Alinsky tradition, who sets out to stop the redlining of a Boston neighborhood and finds himself in an all out fight with bent politicians, Machavellian priests and the big Boston banks.  

    Lately I've been working on a novel set 32,000 years ago in central France.  So much for "write what you know."